It is my hope, that these poems, written in anguish, grief and pain, will be the sanctuary of your soul---that they will tenderly and gently minister to your broken heart, help you heal, and bring you peace.

It is my wish, that this will be a place of hope----a haven-for rest----a safe place for the renewal of your spirit, which will take you on a journey to peace, healing and hope.

With Love, Alice


An anguished soul-----weeping------drops of blood
Holding on-----and holding back-----the flood

Must not-----let them flow
No one must-----ever-----know

jagged edge-----ed pieces----of ice----one tear----at a time
A life of being----beaten----paying for----another' crime

Slipping out------so silently
No one----is meant----to see

They painfully-----glitter
(But I----am no----quitter)

Frozen tears of ice
Frozen tears----in ----sightless----eyes

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